Tipsy Tourney is an 4-player minigame that is found during the events of the Nintendo 64 video games Mario Party and Mario Party 2. Its name may be a pun on the phrase "topsy-turvy".


Four of the players have their own screen, standing at their own separate frame. The background in the minigame fromMario Party resembles a set of clouds with eyes that have been drawing with crayons, while Mario Party 2's background contains a darker tone of the sky and a small amount of clouds and stars. The minigame then starts.


The objective of the mini-game is to uncover all the tiles on the frame with a Koopa Shell within the time limit of thirty seconds.

The players have to use the Koopa Shell to remove all the tiles by using their body mass to tilt the whole frame. Players will have to use the frame to make the most out of trying to remove the tiles with a variety of ways. Tilting the Koopa Shell diagonally can cover a plentiful of tiles. They can also jump over the Koopa Shells to improve movement. When trying to eliminate some of the middle of the tiles, try slowing his or her movements down and tilt the shell slowly.

If the Koopa Shell bumps towards the player, he or she will be stunned for within a moment.

The first player who uncovers their own picture frame will win the minigame. Mario Party's image contains a Coin, whileMario Party 2's image contains the animated head of the Toad.

The minigame can be purchased from the Mini-Game House for 350 Coins.


  • Control Stick – Move
  • A Button – Jump

In-game Text

Mario Party

  • Game Rules – "Tilt the frame to slide the shell, revealing the picture beneath the panels. Uncover the whole picture."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island) – "Slide the shell around to reveal the picture below. Be the 1st to reveal the whole picture to clear the game."
  • Advice – "The closer to the edge you go, the bigger the angle of tilt."

Mario Party 2

  • Game Rules – "Tip the picture frame up and down, left and right to clear the panels and reveal the picture beneath!"
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Coaster) – "Slide the shell across the frame to remove the panels and reveal the picture. Finish first to clear."
  • Advice – "The closer to the frame's edge you go, the greater the tilt and the faster the roll."


Mario Party- 4 Player Minigame - Tipsy Tourney

Mario Party- 4 Player Minigame - Tipsy Tourney

Mario Party - Tipsy Tourney

Mario Party 2- 4 Player Minigame - Tipsy Tourney

Mario Party 2- 4 Player Minigame - Tipsy Tourney

Mario Party 2 - Tipsy Tourney