Mario Party 4
Mario Party 4 - North American Boxart


Hudson Soft





Release Date

Japan: November 8, 2002

USA: October 21, 2002

Europe: November 29, 2002

Australia: November 29, 2002



Mario Party 4 is the fourth game in the Mario Party series. This is the first Mario Party game on the Nintendo GameCube.


Mario Party 4 is a video game board game. There are 6 boards in the game to play on. There are eight playable charaters to play as. Like in previous games there are Item Shops and Boo Shops, but now there are new Lottery Shops added to the mix. Each board has a Item Minigame and a Coin Minigame that can only be accessed through a Mini Mushroom

Mini Games


1 vs. 3

2 vs. 2



Story / Duel


Extra Room

Item Shop

Playable Characters

Mario party 4 mega character roster by adnintendogs-d4rq9cu



  • This is the last Mario Party game to feature Donkey Kong as a playable character until Mario Party 10.
    • This is also the Mario Party game to feature Toad as a un-playable character.
  • Mario Party 4 is notable for being the first Mario Party game to actually have a plot revolving around an actual party.
  • Mario Party 4 is also notable for being the only game in the Mario Party series that doesn't feature the Piranha Plant in any board, mini-game, item or any other place at all. The Piranha Plant only makes a brief cameo in the background of the Option Room.
  • This is the first Mario game to have Princess Peach and Princess Daisy in their current main dresses and where Princess Daisy's hair is short.
  • After the events of Mario Party 4, Toad and Boo become playable characters. Koopa Troopa and Shy Guy are new playable characters in Mario Party 9.
  • Going bottom left in Toad's lottery scratch game has statistically been proven to improve your chances of winning.
  • This game completes a revamp in the 3-D art direction of the Mario franchise that started with Luigi's Mansion and continued with Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Five of the six hosts became playable characters in later Mario Party installments.
  • This is the first Mario Party game since Mario Party to not have any duel minigames.


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