Luigi's Engine Room Logo
The board logo for Luigi's Engine Room
Game Mario Party
Number of Spaces 77 Spaces

Blue Spaces = 58
Red Spaces = 4
Happening Spaces = 5
Chance Spaces = 0 (Unless a Star is bought from Toad)
Mini-Game Spaces = 4
Mushroom Spaces = 3
Bowser Spaces = 3

Stars Obtained by Paying 20 Coins to Toad
Map Luigi's Engine Room Map
Theme Factory
Mario Party Luigi's Engine Room

Mario Party Luigi's Engine Room

Luigi's Engine Room is Luigi's board featured in Mario Party. It takes place in an engine room to an unknown place until the end. The engine in top center of the board doesn't have enough energy. So the mystrerious thing that works with engine would not work properly.


If you visit Bowser, he would have a machine called "Make As Many Coins As You Want Mecha". He would turn on the machine and it will produce one coin for the player to keep. Then he'll charge the player 20 coins for the free coin.


After becoming the Superstar, the Stars will form into a huge Star and then it will attach itself to the the engine, giving it all the energy it need. A scene will show that a winged airship was what the engine is powering and 1st place person will stand on the front of the ship while 2nd, 3rd place people and the supporting cast accompany them on the airship. The 4th place person stays in the engine room and is burnt by the steam generators while Bowser laughs at their torture.