Logger Heads is a Free-for-All mini-game. It appears in Mario Party 9 and Mario Party: The Top 100. The name is a pun of "loggerhead".


The players hold up their axes and move forward for preparation.


Players tempt to chop the log ahead of everyone else, to win the round. Rarely, the log is replaced with the Bob-omb, dodging it will have no affect on the player, while they are stunned, giving the player a chance to chop the log. Unlike Mario Party: The Top 100, the player who hits the Bob-omb stuns the players but the others dodging.

In-game text

Mario Party 9

  • Rules"Use your ax to be the first to split the logs placed in front of you. Look out for Bob-ombs that explode if you hit them by mistake!"

Mario Party: The Top 100

  • Description"Be the first to chop 3 logs, but if you see a Bob-omb, take cover!"
  • On-screen"Be the first to chop 3 logs!"
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