Enternal Star Logo
The board logo for Eternal Star
Game Mario Party
Number of Spaces 61 Spaces

Blue Spaces = 37
Red Spaces = 4
Happening Spaces = 4
Chance Spaces = 7 Spaces (only if the Baby Bowsers are defeated)
Mini-Game Spaces = 3
Mushroom Spaces = 3
Bowser Spaces = 3

Stars Obtained by Paying 20 Coins AND defeating Baby Bowser in a Roulette game
Map Enternal Star Map
Theme Space
Mario Party Music - Eternal Star

Mario Party Music - Eternal Star

Eternal Star is the final board of Mario Party. It is unlocked by collecting 100 Stars and completing all the boards at least once. The board is a giant Star that was broken up by Bowser, and he also wrote graffiti on it. Players need to collect stars to defeat Bowser once and for all and put the giant Star back together.


Instead of Toad, players have to get the Stars from Bowser's cohorts, the Baby Bowsers. To get Stars from them, players will have to pay the Baby Bowser 20 Coins as usual. However, this will cause the Baby Bowser to challenge the player to a Dice Block game, where the character with the higher number wins. The player's Dice Block is rigged to roll only numbers from 8-10, so it is easy to win. If the player wins, the Baby Bowser gives up the Star, and leaves, leaving a Chance Space behind. If the Baby Bowser wins, he takes a Star from the player. When all 7 of the Baby Bowsers are dispatched, 7 more will appear.

Happening Space

The Happening Space makes Bowser use his magic to send all the players back to the start. The board is made up of a system of warp machines that connect at the Warp Patterns made by Bowser. If a player is unlucky enough to get to Bowser, he steals a star (or all the coins if they don't have a star), sends them back to start, then change the routes of the Warp Machines.


At the end of the game, the winner's stars form into a large star that blasts Bowser and Baby Bowser into outer space, and the Giant Star is then put back together. It zooms into an endless warp, taking the winner, the players in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Boo, and the Star along for the ride.