DK's Jungle Adventure Logo
DK's Jungle Adventure's logo from Mario Party.
Game Mario Party
Number of Spaces 84 Spaces

Blue Spaces = 59
Red Spaces = 7
Happening Spaces = 9
Chance Spaces = 0 (Unless a Star is bought from Toad)
Mini-Game Spaces = 4
Mushroom Spaces = 3
Bowser Spaces = 2

Stars Obtained by Paying 20 Coins to Toad
Map DK's Jungle Adventure Map
Theme Jungle
Mario Party DK's Jungle Adventure

Mario Party DK's Jungle Adventure

DK's Jungle Adventure is a jungle-themed board appearing in Mario Party. The board itself is owned by Donkey Kong.


In this board, players are required to collect stars in treasure chests locked away in the ancient ruins. However, four Whomps are guarding the ancient ruins in four different paths. Players have to pay a Whomp ten coins total so that they may pass by them to a treasure that possibly contains a star. When players attempt to take a pathway that a Whomp is not blocking, a Whomp comes along and blocks it. Also the only board to have two Boos on it.

A boulder rolls around the starting point of the board once a Happening Space is stepped upon. If no one is around there, nothing happens. If someone is, they become squished. If one also encounters Bowser, he gives one a Golden Bowser Statuette, which is one of Bowser's Bogus Items, for ten coins total.

At the end of this board game, during the award ceremony, the winning player's stars form a giant Star which flies to the stone chest at the upper-left part of the board. It reveals the ancient treasure; a golden Banana Bunch. The player in first place gains this treasure, the second and third place players are accompanied by the board's characters including the Boos, Whoomp, and the large Star in the winner's circle. The one in fourth can be seen in the background running away from a boulder.