Coins are items that first appeared in Mario Party. They are the main currency of the games and are used to buy items and Stars, activate specific board functions and gamble with for Battle Minigames and Duel Minigames. At the beginning of each board, each player will start out with 10 coins and can collect more from there, whether it be winning minigames, rolling multiple of the same number, landing on specific spaces or stealing them from opponents. Coins originally appeared in Mario Party 1-8 as well as DS and Advance. However, after Nd Cube began working on the series after Hudson Soft. was purchased by Namco Bandai starting with Mario Party 9, Coins were removed and were replaced by Mini Stars, which aren't really a currency. This outraged fans, as this was one of the many core elements of the games taken away. Mario Party: Island Tour didn't see any Coins, either. In Mario Party 10, Coins will

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Coins as they looked in Mario Party 8

finally return exclusively in Amiibo Party, which functions just like the original Mario Party games. Since they first appeared in Mario Party, they were made to look like the Coins from Super Mario 64. They kept the same look in Mario Party 1-7, Advance and DS. In Mario Party 8, their appearance was changed to look like the Coins from newer Mario games. The same design will be used in Mario Party 10.


Mario Party 3 artwork of raining Coins