Bob-omb Factory is one of the boards in Mario Party 9.


The players start out in a room which contains lots of Event Spaces. When those spaces are triggered, the conveyor belt moves the players around in the room, possibly collecting Mini Stars along the way. Once they get to the end of the room, there are stairs which lead the players to the boss fort where a mid-boss (Whomp in Solo Mode) is fought. Once the battle is over, the players will then head through a pipe-like corridor. One of the gimmicks that happens through the factory is the Bob-ombs that fall on the vehicle when the players pass a Bob-omb sign. The Bob-omb explodes after they legged machine has passed 10 spaces making the captain lose half of their Mini Stars. The platforms move forward through the corridor. If the player is lucky enough, they might get Mini Stars along the way. In the background of the factory, it shows how Bob-ombs are made. Once the players reach the end, they fight a boss.

The characters ride an odd walking machine on this board. The vehicle available from the start is the Factory Walker. The Gear Shifter and the King Bob-omb Bus can be purchased from the Museum for 200 Party Points each.