Bash 'n' Cash is a 1-vs-3 minigame in Mario Party.


The solo player within the Bowser Suit must evade the other three players and avoid their attack. If all of the player's coins are stolen from the solo player, the game will end. Each hit will rob the solo player of a Coin Bag. The solo player can then attempt to reclaim the Coin Bag before another player gets it. The opening scene shows the gate being locked and the three other players surround the player in the Bowser Suit.

The solo player can avoid being bashed by Hammers by jumping on the other players. The other players can overcome this by spreading out throughout the stage. Any coins lost by the solo player will be subtracted in the final coin count. Either way, the solo player is at a disadvantage. The minigame ends once 30 seconds pass or the solo player loses all of their coins, whichever comes first. The minigame takes place inside a small tower with the exit locked.

In Bowser's minigame version, the coins that the team of three knock from the player in the Bowser Suit disappear so that nobody can collect them. If the player in the Bowser Suit manages to avoid losing any coins, Bowser takes 15 coins away from them.

In Mini-Game Island, the player starts with 20 coins. The player's objective is to survive 30 seconds without losing all the coins; if the player has coins remaining when time expires, the player clears the minigame and earns any coins earned in the minigame.


Solo (1 Player)

  • N64 Stick – Move
  • N64 A – Jump

Group (3 Players)

  • N64 Stick – Move
  • N64 A – Attack

In-game Text

  • Game Rules – "Hit the player in the Bowser Suit with your hammer. The person in the Bowser Suit must run away until time is up."
  • Game Rules (Mini-Game Island) – "Dress like Bowser and get chased by everybody. If you have even 1 Coin left, you clear the game."
  • Game Rules (Bowser) – "The player in the Bowser Suit must run, run away! You don't even want to hear the words Bash 'n' Cash!"
  • Advice – The player in the Bowser Suit can also grab the Coins that get bashed out of him."


  • This minigame appears to be set in the same area as the original Mario Party's versions of Grab Bag and Hot Bob-omb. It is also the only one of the three that didn't return for Mario Party 2.


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Mario Party- 1 vs. 3 Minigame - Bash 'n' Cash

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